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Mom’s job is a thankless job. One cannot repay the debt of the mother. Since birth, she is the sole caregiver and the epitome of love and sacrifice. She needs to balance her career as well as her undying commitment towards her children and family. From taking responsibility for household welfare to keep a check on their children, mothers are truly mist wonderful creation. It is from the mother that a child learns about the ways of this mundane world. The mother acts as the beacon to the family.

An amazing way to tribute your mom and dad

Yet often, the mother’s job is not recognized as it should be. If only, one can calculate every ounce of work and effort mother imparts for children and family, then perhaps there would have been a keen sense of appreciation. This Mother’s day, start appreciating your mother’s effort and check how your mother should earn if she gets a salary for all her tireless efforts.

Kenexa’s exclusive paycheck and career portal brings forth amazing tool making it possible to know about the amount of salary a mom should earn with her every positive deed This tool is known as Mom Salary Wizard, calculates an average estimate based on the amount of work and the package she should be receiving for them. This program is dedicated to mothers, daughters, women, sisters, grandmothers, caregivers, guardians and those amazing females who are doing an outstanding job in perfectly balancing their personal as well as their professional responsibilities.

What is Mom Salary Wizard and how it works

This is a fun feature e introduced by aiming to recognize the greater role of mom-persona in everyone’s life. Apart from Mom Salary Wizard, explore to find the best jobs for you, salary structure, pay scale and how you can improvise your skills and climb up the career ladder. Mom Salary Wizard also has a Dad version, Dad Salary wizard, where you can check a dad should earn for his hard work and unconditional service rendered to family. Both Mom and Dad Salary Wizard work in the same way. All you need is a sheer observation and awareness of your parent’s activities both on professional and household front.

Here is now step by step to find out t real paycheck. No need to have a prior account in to use Mom Salary Wizard. Keep your internet connection ready! That’s all you need. Get ready to witness some jaw-dropping results

  • Open the browser and visit Mom Salary Wizard Calculate
  • You will be automatically redirected to Mom Wizard’s primary page. If you wish to know about your Dad’s real-time paycheck, scroll down and click on What about Dad link. Only the terms are variable. Every other step and data will remain the same.
  • Under the Number of children, select the number of offspring according to the age groups 0-5 years and 6-18 years.
  • Next, select your parent’s occupation, whether the parent is staying at home or working professional.
  • Click on calculate.

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  • In the next section, an average chart will show the typical paycheck that stays at home/professional parents would receive.
  • Enter your zip code to get a more accurate estimate.
  • Click on Go.
  • Along with the national paycheck range, a local paycheck estimate would also be displayed in the highest, medium and lowest format.
  • Now personalize your parent deserves paycheck by entering average hours invested in each of the designated jobs. Remember, enter the hours only behind the activities that are done by your parents.
  • If you had selected working professional option earlier, at the end of the hour up-keeping, scroll down and enter the name of the company, annual pay scale and hours work of their professional field.,
  • Check if everything is entered correctly. Then click on Go.
  • Bingo! Check out the whopping annual check that your parents deserve! They are unbelievably high, isn’t it? That’s right, the contribution of parents is priceless.
  • Maybe, every time, you complain, you can see the check and get reminded of the fact of how lucky you are! Yes, you can get a copy of this ‘paycheck’ in your email. Scroll down and enter your first name and active email address under share this option.
  • You can also keep a hard copy for a token of effort and hard work by clicking on the Print option.

Lastly, nothing can match the contributions of positive parent figure in your life. This wizard is just a methodical approach to the unsung effort which does need a great deal of patience, professionalism, and dedication!

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