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Peebles is a department store company based in the United States which is operating department stores chain across the US. Founded in the year 1861, the company has its headquarter in Houston, Texas and available both online and in-store. You can always count on them when it comes to buying branded clothing, accessories, shoes, and gifts. They offer products for women, men, kids, and teens. For those who frequently buy at the Peebles, they offer gift cards. The gift cards can be bought for yourself or as a gift-giving option for others for almost any occasion. In this post, you’ll get to know the different facts about these cards and we are also going to show you how to check the gift card balance online.


The gift cards are available for various occasions and events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, holidays, graduation, promotion and any other event. You can pick a card design to reflect the event on which you want to gift the card. You can use this gift card to buy clothing for men, women, and children, jewelry, footwear, cosmetics, accessories and other things from the desirable top brands. Apart from Peebles, the gift cards are also accepted at the State Stores, such as Goody’s, Stage, Palais Royal, and Bealls.


To check or buy the gift cards, you need to go through Stage store portal, which is an American department concern, and it was founded in 1988. The company has its headquarter in Houston, TX. The stage stores specializes on items that are suitable for kids, women, men, juniors and they sell clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, beauty products and so on. You can also buy the gift cards that are available online, or on the official site. If you have purchased something from the store recently, then you will be requested to share your reviews.


You will get different denominations of gift cards, such as, $25, $30, $35, $40, $45, $50, $75, $100, $125, $150, $175, $200, $225, and $250. Please keep in mind that the gift cards are redeemable only for the merchandise. If lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen, you can provide a proof of purchase to get the replacement card. The gift cards don’t expire and available for purchase online as well as in-store. So, if you have bought a card, or want to purchase one or two, check this article for detailed information.


Peebles gift cards balance check


For this go to, www.stage.com

Here, at the landing page, on the menu panel, under the Stage logo, click on, the 11th option, ‘Gifts’.

  • You will get a drop-down, here, you will get three lists, on the third, choose the first on, ‘Gift cards’.
  • On the next page, at the left side, you will get a list, where you need to click on, ‘Check gift card balance’.


How to check Peebles gift cards balance

  • In the directed page at the left side, type,


How to balance check of Peebles gift cards

  • Gift Card Number*
  • PIN Number*
  • Check the validation box
  • Then, click on, ‘Check balance’ in orange.


Sign up for Peebles gift cards

To sign up visit, www.stage.com

Here, at the landing page, on the menu panel, at the right side of the Stage logo, click on, ‘Sign up’.

  • On the next page, at the right hand side, under the section ‘Create an account’ input,
  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Email Address*
  • Password*
  • Confirm Password*
  • Then, click on, ‘Sign up’.


Sign in for Peebles


To log in, venture to, www.stage.com

Here, at the landing page, on the menu panel, at the right side of the Stage logo, click on, ‘Sign in’.

  • On the next page, at the left hand side, you will get the login blanks.
  • Here, type,
  • The registered email address
  • The set password
  • Then, click on, ‘Sign in’.

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Password help


If you have lost the password of Peebles, you need to go to the login blanks, and under the password, click on, ‘Forgot your password?’.

  • In the next page, at the left side, type,
  • The, registered email address
  • Then, click on, ‘Submit’.

You need to follow the prompts to get back the details.


Contact details

To contact Peebles for any issue or query with the gift card, you can call on, 800-743-8730. Or you can find a nearby store by going here, stores.stage.com Here type the the address, and check the place near you.




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